Polishing, Restoration, Sealing & Maintenance

Today’s architects and designers are using natural stone in homes nationwide. You can find it used on counter-tops, for flooring, in showers and on vanities in the most expensive homes.


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Outdoor areas such as patios and pool decks are also being adorned with natural stone. Natural stone can enhance the beauty of any home, inside and out but it does require tender loving care in order to keep it looking new, and by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Pristine Clean is certified by the I.I.C.R.C. we are the trusted experts in the proper care of natural stone. We have been educated and thoroughly trained on the best ways to restore and maintain these areas of your home and property. We provide natural stone care services depending on the precise needs of each piece or area.

Natural Stone Cleaning Services – Cleaning natural stone floors and surfaces requires knowledge of the exact type of stone or surface that needs cleaning and the particular cleaning product and methods that are appropriate to use. Once finished cleaning the key is to thoroughly rinse every bit of dirt, soap and other cleaners away to avoid a sticky buildup on the surface. If this isn’t done it will only attract more particles and dirt and eventually turn your beautiful shiny surface or floor into something dull and dingy.

Pristine Clean uses a specialized deep cleaning system consisting of a soft rotary brush to avoid scratching your natural stone. This is combined with very low-pressure rinsing process that at the same time vacuums up the rinse water. We use this method on granite, slate, marble, travertine and limestone floors. Very often we’re rinsing away years of grime and soap buildup. Our recommendation is to have all natural stone flooring deep cleaned on a yearly basis. Call us today for a free consultation and quote.

Natural Stone Needs Sealing – The surface of any type of natural stone needs to be properly sealed in order to provide a barrier so that any spills can be cleaned up before the surface is permanently stained. Granite countertops need to be sealed every couple of years at minimum, and possibly more often depending on the quality of the sealing product used. If your countertops haven’t been sealed in the last two years, call Pristine Clean for a consultation.

Routine Stone Maintenance – One should never use a general cleaning product on natural stone or tile. They can dissolve the sealer and then you’re left without a protective layer which just invites stains on the stone and grout. Cleaning products which contain ammonia or bleach, or even vinegar or lemon can eat away the polish and even discolor the stone surface.

The chelating agents contained in many cleaners and are designed to dissolve minerals found in hard water and are dangerous for cleaning stone, which is essentially made up of minerals. These cleaners will work to actually dissolve the stone creating streaks on the surface over a period of time. At Pristine Clean we recommend using a pH-neutral cleaning product that has been specifically formulated for cleaning natural stone.

To avoid scratching floors felt or plastic pads need to be placed under furniture and any items touching the stone. All plants need to be on a protective base. A dust mop should be used on a regular basis so that dirt and other particles do not scratch the surface as some people do not routinely remove their shoes when entering a home. As a preventative measure a good quality door mat should be placed at every entrance.

Processes Used for Natural Stone Care


Cleaning – Every cleaning process varies depending on the individual floor. There are many variables which determine the exact process that is needed including routine maintenance, soiling conditions, the amount of traffic in that area etc. When Pristine Clean works on any stone surface or floor we only use the most appropriate, scientifically advanced cleaning methods and products, either by machine or by hand, depending on the needs of the individual floor or surface.

Sealing and Enhancers – Pristine Clean applies a clear impregnable surface sealer to add protection to stone floors or surfaces to make them easier to maintain. The type of stone will determine whether or not an enhancer can be applied.

Types of Stone Flooring


Terrazzo has a more uniform appearance than most other natural stones. It’s actually made of a mixture of Portland cement with marble chips. It comes in tiles or can even be poured onto a slab.


Granite is extremely hard & not as porous as other stones, therefore makes an ideal counter top. It’s not particularly sensitive to acid, but can’t tolerate use of cleaners containing chelating agents.


Marble is softer & more porous than most stone. It can easily be scratched so it needs to be cleaned very gently. It’s sensitive to anything acidic including foods like citrus fruits & soda.


Travertine is actually limestone that has been created by a hot spring. The movement of the water eroded the stone & created tiny holes of different sizes.


Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic stone ideal for floors. Usually found in black, dark gray or dark green. Although slate is not sensitive to acid it can be damaged by any household cleaner containing chelating agents.


Limestone, like marble, is very sensitive to anything acidic and any product that contains chelating agents. It’s known to have variations in hardness and there may be fossil imprints visible on the surface.