Leather Furniture Cleaning

Leather is Luxurious

Its sophistication makes a statement in any home or office. Although expensive, leather furniture is not durable unless carefully maintained.

Furniture made of leather can have some advantages over upholstered pieces. Because leather is very dense dust, hair from pets or smoke doesn’t easily adhere to it. Leather is very durable so it can keep its appearance for a long time even when under heavy use. But leather must be regularly cared for and maintained.

If a leather piece is positioned in front of a window, it can dry out and crack. Arm rests on a chair can become discolored from the normal oils secreted from hands. Dirt and dust can become ground into the leather during regular use causing its original color to become dull. With proper cleaning spots, ground-in dirt and dust can be removed. At the same time the protective coating that your piece arrived with can be restored.

Because people think they can maintain their leather furniture by using a damp or wet sponge it can only help so much and could even cause staining. This method will never be able to remove deeply embedded soil and certainly cannot restore the original finish. Many leather cleaning products sold by retailers actually contain damaging chemicals which can dry out the leather and lead to cracks. Certain wax-type so-called conditioners can temporarily soften the leather, but over time will cause it to harden and glaze up.

Your Leather Furniture Can Last

When leather is regularly and properly cared for it can last much longer than the upholstered furniture. However the proper products need to be used. The key to this is chemistry. Pristine Clean uses leather cleaning products by Leather Master, the most reputable company for leather cleaning products. They make specialized cleaning products with the correct chemistry for cleaning aniline, protected leather and suede (also known as nubuck leather).

Protect and Nourish your Leather Furniture

trained and experienced in the process of cleaning leather furniture, whether it’s a sofa or armchair. We can give new life to your fine leather furniture. We clean leather furniture very carefully by hand, leaving your pieces looking immaculate, nourished and protected. This will extend the life of your leather furniture by many years and protect your investment.

We take our time using eco-friendly cleaning products and leather conditioners. Once your piece is completely clean a conditioning cream is used in order to protect and moisturize the leather. This leather cream will also help prevent future stains from taking hold.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Can stains be removed from leather?

A. Pristine Clean uses professional eco-friendly cleaning products designed to remove specific types of leather spots, like oil, ink, and coffee. Whether or not we’re successful depends on the specific type of spots as well as the type of leather involved. During our initial inspection we will assess the situation and advise you whether or not we recommend trying to remove a particular spot.

Q. Which leathers can be successfully cleaned?

A. Almost all leather furniture on the market today has a protective coating. We are able to clean protected leather furniture as well as aniline leather and suede and nu-buck.

Q. How often should leather furniture be professionally cleaned?

A. The schedule of professional cleaning would depend on whether it is heavily used or not. If the leather piece is used frequently it should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. If it’s used heavily, it should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year.

Just removing the oils generated by the body or from food and the usual ground-in soil will add to your piece’s life and enhance its natural luster and appearance.

To avoid damaging your leather piece, do not place your furniture in front of a window or in direct sunlight. This will prevent it from drying out, fading and cracking. Make sure your sofa or chair is at least a couple of feet from any heating or air conditioning outlet, as leather is best maintained if kept at a constant temperature.