Though carpeting can certainly add class and style to a home or office, surprisingly it can also pose potential health issues for individuals. Toxins and allergens, including dust mites and pet dander, can be embedded deep in the carpets resulting in allergic reactions and even asthma issues. However, a specialized routine cleaning program which includes consistent vacuuming and scheduled professional carpet treatments can increase the life expectancy of your carpets while providing clean and healthy conditions in your home or office.

Statistics tell us that carpets located in the kitchen or bathroom areas of the home or office are at a high risk of mold infestation because they are typically more moist or wet than carpets located in other areas of the structure. Mold and fungus that forms in your carpeting can also pose serious health hazards. Mold spores contribute greatly to such health conditions as allergy and asthma attacks, irritation to the eye, nose and throat, and can even cause serious headaches.

Studies performed by the Environmental Protection Agency have revealed that some of the health risks to families and office staff members are the result of varied bio pollutants such as dirt, allergens, and toxins that are embedded deep within carpeting. Because carpeting acts like an air filter you need to regularly need to schedule a highly effective professional cleaning program that is maintained and followed.

Professional carpet cleaning services are rendered by certified technicians who are fully trained and equipped to administer cleaning procedures using high quality cleaning solutions, products and the latest cleaning technology and equipment. These professional methods extract all types of foreign substances from the carpets and minimize residue which ultimately protects the carpets and enhances environmental health conditions.

How often carpets should be cleaned is dependent upon whether they are residential or commercial carpets. Typically, residential carpets can be professionally cleaned four times a year to once a year depending on how many family members are there in the home and their ages. Also we need to take into consideration if shoes are worn in the house and the number of pets like dogs and cats are in the home.

While commercial carpets should be professionally cleaned once per month. To once every six months, since these carpets are more often than not highly trafficked. Pristine Clean services Troy Michigan carpet cleaning company is here to provide all the top of the line carpet cleaning services you need with our state of the art and environmentally safe products and procedures. If you are in need of carpet cleaning for your home or office then look no further than our quality certified professionals.