Steps Taken in Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

  1. All furniture is removed except for pianos, grandfather clocks and entertainment centers.
  2. Everything is thoroughly vacuumed removing all dirt and particulate matter.
  3. Using a cutting-edge hardwood floor cleaning machine we sparingly apply a heavy-duty cleaning solution to the rotating brush and gently brush the surface of the floor to remove scuffs, spots and any deeply embedded dirt. Then the cleaning solution is immediately extracted by the hardwood cleaning machine.
  4. With this new hardwood cleaning machine the flow of the cleaning solution is controlled so that the hardwood or even a wood laminate floor won’t incur any damage.
  5. A microfiber cloth is used to clean all corners using a pH-neutral cleaning solution formulated specifically for hardwood floors.
  6. After the floor is completely cleaned it is thoroughly rinsed using a special solution and applied by the same machine to balance out the pH of the flooring.
  7. The homeowner can choose a gloss or semi-gloss urethane sealer which is then applied to protect the floor until the next scheduled professional cleaning.
  8. In about an hour’s time the floor will be ready for light foot traffic use. However the furniture should not be replaced for 24 hours when regular use may resume.
  9. Two weeks should go by before rugs are put back in place or any cleaning can be done using a wood floor cleaning product.